ChromaLuxe offers a variety of ways to mount, hang or display any of our photo panels. Choose from frames, easels, shadow mounts and hang systems in an array of different sizes


ChromaLuxe frames are designed specifically for our prints using a channel design unique to ChromaLuxe. These frames provide a way to display your high-quality metal prints in a traditional or more finished look easier than ever before.

Available in all of our popular sizes, ChromaLuxe frames can be used as either classic inset frames or on the back as a floating option.


Aluminum Shadow Mount Display Set:

  • Silver display with radius corners and slot for hanging.

  • Wood spacer block has pre-applied adhesive on front and back for easy attachment to aluminum mount and photo panel for wall display.

Shadow Mount Display Set:

MDF display blocks come with pre-applied adhesive and keyhole.

Black Shadow Displays:
MDF display blocks come with pre-applied adhesive and keyhole.



Easels are available in brushed silver or hardboard.

ChromaLuxe offers a variety of easels in unique shapes and sizes for tabletop display.

easel ChromaLuxe_


Create gallery quality wall art that is easy to mount by pairing multiple ChromaLuxe metal prints together.

​You can use multiple images or one large image split up across multiple prints for a visually stimulating and dramatic effect.

Use of the Connections Hanging System only requires a few basic tools – no handy-man necessary.



ChromaLuxe aluminium panels are easy to hang, and even more eye-catching when framed. LION PICTURE FRAMING produces everything you need to display & frame ChromaLuxe panels. 

The frames are very simple to assemble and fit! A Sub-Frame profile is used to make a frame that is slightly smaller than the printed panel to allow a reasonable border. 

View the range of frame profiles here.