ChromaLuxe Through Your Eyes Movement

Updated: May 6

Our worlds have become smaller, but new things can be found in the most familiar of places. A few weeks ago we introduced the Through Your Eyes Social Media Movement on Instagram and Facebook.

The Through Your Eyes Movement by ChromaLuxe challenges you to take a photo within a weekly theme. We want to see your take on your condensed surroundings during this Covid 19 crisis. Interpret the theme as you wish.

Let your creativity go wild!

On Sundays, a new theme will be released on ChromaLuxe social media channels.

To join, post your photographs on Facebook and/or Instagram, use the hashtags #throughyoureyes, #chromaluxe and tag @realchromaluxe.

#Throughyoureyes is as a social media challenge to move your senses and share photos in a certain theme. Worldwide, everyone is confronted with a different way of dealing with each other, both professionally and privately. We are no longer allowed to cuddle, keeping our distance is the rule, anyone can be infected and infect others, we are not allowed to leave and are limited in our freedom of movement. For some a revelation, for others a punishment. Each of us has our own vision and our own truth, that has always been the case, but in times of crisis this comes to the surface. With the brand ChromaLuxe we like to anticipate and above all we enjoy discovering more, so to speak. How do you deal with quarantine? How do you feel about suddenly being less free? How do you discover beauty in everyday things and what do you especially like or bother to capture? With this curiosity about the view of life as we now know it, we raised the question on Instagram and Facebook to post photos in a weekly theme (soft, blue, geometric,...) and share them under the hashtag THROUGHYOUREYES and #CHROMALUXE.

Photographers, casual visitors and anyone who feels like it can share and post photos under this hashtag. ChromaLuxe highlights them and may do more in the near future.


Because it gives energy to connect with each other and with virtual friends. Because sharing is and remains important, sharing is caring. That's why we'd like to invite you to keep an eye on our ChromaLuxe social media channels Instagram and Facebook and above all, to participate or even better, become part of the ChromaLuxe Through Your Eyes Movement. We will share your images on the ChromaLuxe Facebook and Instagram pages. Please feel free to share as many images as you wish. Sharing is caring.

Keep safe and healthy!

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