COLORFIELDS Fine Art Printing creates unique added value with ChromaLuxe

Based in Etterbeek (Belgium), COLORFIELDS Fine Art Printing is an enthusiastic user and supporter of ChromaLuxe, a print medium based on dye sublimation technology. According to owner Stéphane Luyten, there is no other print medium that comes close in terms of colour and appearance. Combined with its unique water and scratch resistance, ChromaLuxe is the ideal product for high-quality signage or decoration that demands a long life span.

COLORFIELDS Fine Art Printing (former Labo JJ Micheli), is the reference in qualitative printing of both traditional and digital photography. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of image processing, the company is one of the leaders in high quality printing. They do so both on photo paper and on Fine Art paper, but the specialty of the house is without a doubt printing on ChromaLuxe. They were among the first in Belgium to adopt this technology.

Intense colours and rich black

The uniqueness of ChromaLuxe is found in the special coating that is applied to a 1.14 mm thick aluminium plate. The image is not printed directly on the substrate, but on a special transfer paper. The image is then sublimated into the coating of the aluminium by means of heat and pressure. The result is a print with vibrant intense colours and unparalleled deep black which, thanks to its special coating, is also cleanable and highly scratch-resistant. ChromaLuxe also offers an impressive level of light fastness.

Nearly three-dimensional reproduction

ColorFields exclusively prints for Olivier Dassault, a descendant of the Dassault family, mainly known for their Aviation division. Stéphane says: "Olivier is not only a talented pilot, politician and engineer, but also a passionate photographer who exhibits worldwide. His photographs are mainly abstract works in which he uses light and colour to create images in which he continually reinvents movement. In order to do full justice to these beautiful images, he only has all his photographs printed on ChromaLuxe. The result is absolutely breathtaking. The photos look almost three-dimensional and seem to come out of the print".

Scratch-resistant and cleanable

But the applications for ChromaLuxe go far beyond photography. To illustrate, Stéphane mentions a production they did for the Ibis hotel in Liège. "Each guest room is decorated with a large ChromaLuxe print, showing an iconic cartoon hero. Each print is supported by a specific quote on the wall referring to the chosen comic. The reason for the hotel's choice for ChromaLuxe had to do with several aspects. The beautiful colour reproduction played a role of course, but the crucial factor was the good scratch resistance and the fact that the prints can simply be cleaned with soap and water. Something that is almost impossible to achieve with other technologies".

Different variations

In addition to aluminium, ChromaLuxe is also available on other materials like MDF, perfect for the production of furniture such as unique tabletops. The top layer is available in various finishes. The gloss version is a very popular option for its extraordinary colour reproduction. The semi-gloss version has a velvety look where the colours light up nicely but the reflection remains limited. The matt version is mainly chosen for portraits. Finally, in addition to the standard white background, there is also a variant with the natural look of aluminium. Thanks to the maximum dimensions of 240x120 cm, ChromaLuxe is a very versatile print solution.