L'Atelier 14 is the first ChromaLuxe Certified PLUS Lab* in France

Updated: May 5

More and more printers, print studios or photo labs are improving their techniques, processes and materials. So is L'Atelier 14 from Saint Maxime, France.

L'Atelier 14 is first and foremost a team of passionate people who know everything there is to know about digital printing. On top of that, they are always striving for cleaner and more qualitative printing systems. They invest in processes, training and materials in order to bring their service to a higher level.

It was not an easy task for L'Atelier 14, they had to launch a new technology that they had not yet mastered. Full force they went for it, they invested extra in equipment and training and they succeeded to be the first ChromaLuxe Certified PLUS Lab* in France.

They work with an Epson printer and Epson inks and then sublimate the images on the SEFA Sublimax 1510 heat press. Printing on ChromaLuxe results in a photo that is better than the original photo. It offers striking contrasts, a sublime rendering and vivid colours that will last, without ever fading.

*The Certification program is only valid in Europe,Middle East and Africa