LES PIONNIERS, a summer exhibition in collaboration with ChromaLuxe

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

These are unprecedented times. We have all been impacted but our work continues.

Yes, the Manuel-Rivera Ortiz Foundation wants to open the doors to invite you to the MROF summer 2020 exhibition THE PIONEERS in Arles, France.

The Foundation strives to openthe doors for you, visitors who numbered 40,000 last year, and for the 23 artists and curators who put their hearts into this program.

With their partners, ChromaLuxe being the grand partner, they join to support those who shine a light on the challenges of our time. And moreover, they strive to open for the people and causes portrayed on their walls.

In Arles, the capital of photography, the MRO Foundation gives voice to men and women who move beyond the boundaries of their own limits, outside society’s established norms of humanity and environment.

In the 600 square meters of exhibition space, socially safe and within all established health guidelines, THE PIONEERS will bring in the resonance of photographers, videographers, sound designers, activists and citizens committed to improving our lives and enlarging our consciousness of the world’s diversity.

THE PIONEERS at the MRO Foundation is a RENCONTRES D’ARLES ASSOCIATED PROGRAM, click HERE for more info on timings & dates