Re-Art is a ChromaLuxe Certified Plus Lab

Updated: May 6, 2020

Re-Art was founded in 2002 by Marcel Salome. Because of his enormous knowledge of reproduction photography, lithography, art print and colour management he knows how to achieve results with which Re-Art still leaves the competition far behind.

Marcel Salome (founder Re-Art) & Berno Klunder (International Account Manager Universal Woods EMEA)

Marcel is always looking for the latest techniques and materials. He knows how to perfectly combine his traditional, analogue background with today's digital resources. Many artists see Re-Art as one of the best master printers of our time, and therefore come from all over the world to Almere in the Netherlands to start limited editions. "With my company Re-Art I want to meet the needs of artists and photographers for specialised art prints, photo pocket prints and high quality photo prints", says Marcel Salome.

Re-Art is a specialised fine art print shop where you are guaranteed to see quality back in the prints. They work with ChromaLuxe because of the unprecedented quality for photos and artworks. Practically every creation can be printed with ChromaLuxe. It offers an almost 3-dimensional effect because the image is printed in the surface or in the coating rather than on top of it. This makes ChromaLuxe prints very durable. Re-Art is known for top quality and premium prints.

"When we got to know Re-Art as one of the highest quality photo labs with excellent performance and superior quality, it was clear to us that they met the criteria of a ChromaLuxe Plus Lab. Therefore, we are very pleased to add Re-Art to our range of ChromaLuxe Certified Plus Labs, allowing us to offer our premium quality products to the international market of professional photography and fine arts. I would like to welcome Re-Art as a ChromaLuxe Certified Plus lab", comments Berno Klunder, international Account Manager Universal Woods EMEA.

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